Three Timeless Pieces Designed by Charles And Ray Eames


Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential American designers of the 20th century. They both trained in the arts and eventually found each other and began designing furniture together. Together they contributed to the world through architecture, furniture design, photography, and industrial design and manufacturing. The Eames quickly became American icons, along with their furniture.

Charles And Ray Eames

1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

This classic lounge chair and ottoman debuted in 1956 and was much different compared to the Eames’ couple’s earlier work. Charles wanted to prove to the public that modern furniture design did not necessarily have to be uncomfortable. The chair was designed with smooth curves made with molded plywood, an upholstered leather seat and an aluminum base.

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2. Eames LCW Chair

The Low Chair – Wood chair was produced and released in 1946. Time magazine named this chair, “the chair of the century.” It was originally designed with only three legs, but Eames redesigned it with four legs for stability purposes. Eventually, later versions of the chair were redesigned with metal legs along with matching dining and coffee tables. The LCW chair is made with molded plywood and a rubber shock mounts.

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3. La Chaise

This chair was originally designed for a competition for the Museum of Modern Art in 1946. The name, La Chaise, was derived from their inspiration for the form and function of the chair, the sculpture Floating Figure by Gaston Lachaise. The chair is made of two fiberglass shells, a chrome base, and oak feet. The chair was never sold to the public while the Eames were alive, but Vitra began producing and selling to the public it in 1996. Along with the two chairs above, the La Chaise is another classic icon from the Eames couple.

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