5 Ways to Organize Your Tiny Closet!


The best tips on fitting too much stuff in any tiny closet.

Organized closet

1. If you’re starting from scratch, design the closet with a plan to store all parts of your wardrobe.

2. Before building your perfect closet, take stock in what you need to store in it.

Organized drawers

3. Separate your drawers with dividers to keep every part of your closet organized.

Organized closet

4. Put a bookshelf within your closet for east shoe and accessory storage.

Shoe storage for an organized closet

Integrate a door shelf for shoe storage in your space.

Don’t forget to utilize the upper shelf as storage space for items that are used less often. Maybe add some fun wallpaper in your tiny closet to dress up the space.

The upper shelf in an organized closet
BrushStroke 2.png


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