How to Bring Tropical Vibes to Your Living Room


With the chaos and busyness of our everyday routines, we could all use a little slice of paradise to escape the madness. Here are a few ways to bring palm trees and ocean breeze to your living space to create your very own tropical oasis

Create a tropical oasis in your own boho living room

1. Tropical Plants
Incorporating tropical plants brings a sense of the outdoors inward and provides a beachy element to your living room. Try a potted Majesty Palm or Birds of Paradise plant as a nod to those tropical shores. You can even experiment with fun pots and vases.

Tropical plants in a boho living room

2. Natural Materials
Bringing in furniture pieces made of organic materials will help remind you of those naturally sandy beaches. Woven rattan and light oak coffee tables, chairs, and storage pieces are both a functional and stylish way to add a unique element to your tropical space. 

Woven rattan chair and light oak coffee tables

3. Brightly Colored Accents
Whether it be in the variety of foods or the brightly painted shops, tropical getaways have no shortage of color and neither should your space. Add a pop of color with a bright sofa, fun pillows, or a vibrant accent wall to bring some excitement to your living room. 

Sofa with a pop of color in a tropical living room

4. Texture + Pattern
A textured throw blanket and some patterned wall art can also contribute to your tropical oasis. Colorful textiles can really pull together your entire look. 

Plants and textured pillows in a tropical living room
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