Yellow Bungalow | Interior Design Studio - About Us
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A well-designed life is one built around the things
we love - every aspect is a uniquely selected piece
to be adored & reveled.
I’ve built my Interior Design Studio on this exact foundation – on all the things that I adore: art, culture, painting, travel, learning about & helping others. In here lies my dedication for creating lifestyle-enriching spaces for my clients.


Ever since I can remember, design was my calling. My eye for visual beauty was cultivated at an early age and it led the foundation for both my career and my life. While all my friends were outside playing, my idea of playtime was rearranging my bedroom furniture or helping my mom shuffle artwork in our home. These were the moments that inspired me early on. Inspiration is still everywhere – mine is now ignited by my sense of adventure & my entrepreneurial spirit. It’s also in the little things, that personal touch found in an unlikely place – the details.


Being an avid traveler has fueled my talent for fusing culturally unique patterns & designs into bold, modern applications. With rich colors, vintage finds & contemporary creations at the core of my vision, not only do YB’s eclectic designs make a striking statement, they also bring our client’s personal style to the forefront. For me, my clients are more than just a project – but rather, a personal relationship that allows me to fully understand their vision and bring it to life.


When not in the studio, you can find me with my other half strolling through flea markets, hunting for treasures, or simply planning our next excursion. Guy is my partner in crime both in the office and out, he has been a tremendous influence in the development of the YB brand – helping define our identity rooted in excellence. Quality is everything, that’s why YB collaborates with trusted artisans, craftsmen & furniture makers. Together, we are experts at discovering existing pieces while also creating extraordinary ones that fit into your space seamlessly.
Yellow Bungalow

Meet the Team

Verena Dalati Salmé

Designer & Director

  • Graduate of the Nationally-ranked Interior Design Program at Florida State University, Summa Cum Laude
  • Surface Pattern design certification from Florence, Italy
  • Well-versed in 5 languages
  • Collector of all things yellow & striped
  • Organizing & color-coding addict
  • Globe trotter extraordinaire
Guy Salmé

Brand Developer

  • Graduated in Business Marketing & Computer Science
  • Traveled the world to test-drive cars & write critique articles
  • Fan of Luis Barragan architecture & Charles Eames furniture
  • Professional guacamole maker
  • Expert in all things Apple
  • Branding guru